Tips for Getting the Most Gas Mileage Out of Your Vehicle
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Tips for Getting the Most Gas Mileage Out of Your Vehicle

Nowadays with gas prices being so high it is incredibly important to try to get the most gas mileage out of your vehicle. There are many different ways to reduce the amount of gas you use. These are just a few of the key ways to get better gas mileage out of any vehicle.

Don’t Drive Fast

This is probably one of the best tips for conserving gas. Driving any faster than 45 miles per hour not only burns more fuel but can also cause more wear and tear on the vehicle. Try keeping speed under 45 miles per hour and you will use a lot less gas as well as be a lot safer while driving. Typically, the faster you drive the more gas it burns.

Slightly Over Inflate Tires

Although over inflation of the tires can be dangerous light over inflation can allow you to get more miles out of your gas tank. Tires that are slightly over inflated allow for a smoother drive and burn less fuel. Be sure not to over inflate the tires too much as it may reduce the lifespan of the tire.

Reduce The Weight in The Car

Reducing any weight in the car can help save a lot on gas mileage. If your car is over filled with things or people it may not run as efficiently. Be sure to always clean out the trunk and cargo spaces to ensure the least amount of weight is in the car. Reducing the weight is not only great for gas mileage but it is also great on the tires and general maintenance of the vehicle.

Keep Up On Repairs

Keeping up on basic repairs on any vehicle is extremely important for getting better gas mileage. Broken or missing car parts can cause the engine to work harder which makes it burn more fuel. Keeping up on general maintenance not only adds to the lifespan of the car but also allows for better gas mileage.

New Vehicle

Although a new vehicle can be very costly it can help save a ton of money on gas. Older models do not offer the same efficiency that new models offer. Everyday car manufacturers are offering new and Innovative technology for having better vehicles as well as better gas mileage. Upgrading to a new vehicle especially a new eco-friendly vehicle can help save a ton of money on gas and costly repairs.

Put the Correct Gas Grade 

Very often vehicle owners think that just because a gas is more premium that it will help their car to run better. This is just not the case. If your car calls for regular gas be sure to only use regular gas. Using a gas grade that is above what your vehicle needs does not offer any more fuel efficiency, in fact it can cause the vehicle to have to work harder which in turn burns more fuel. Always be sure to check with the owner’s manual and only use the gas the vehicle calls for.

These are just a few of the key ways to get better gas mileage. Be sure to always keep up on car maintenance as well as constantly checking your gas meter for the best results. Not only will these things help to save money but they will also save on costly vehicle repairs in the future.


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