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Conventional Motor Oil vs. Synthetic Oil – How Do You Choose?

Oh boy, here you go again. The little light is flashing on your dashboard alerting you that the inevitable has come. It’s time for an oil change, one of the most dreaded (and avoided) chores required for the maintenance of your car. So now you go call your local mechanic, set up an appointment and then after you arrive they ask you a question; conventional or synthetic?

Wait, you have to choose?! Don’t worry, this article has you covered, read and learn. The art of oil changes is easier than you think.

Conventional Oil

The most trusted oil change since the inception of the horseless carriage, conventional oil does its job pretty well. It protects your motor, allows your vehicle pretty decent performance and even has the added bonus of protecting your motor from sludge buildup. Not to mention its the cheapest option on the block.

Conventional oil gives your average car 2-3,000 miles in between oil changes, so for you homebodies who usually stay in your routine between the house and work your savings are actually really good. Consistency is key though, let your car go too long in between oil changes and its not the oil wrecking it, its you. Conventional oil may not be as fancy as newer oils out there, but if you bring your car in and don’t dawdle waiting until the last possible second, it is still a viable option.

Conventional-Synthetic Blend

Here comes option number two, the conventional synthetic blend. While it costs a tad more than conventional, the blend option makes up for it in it in the benefits it gives your car.

With better protection, better performance and even a better cleaning agent for your car, the blend isn’t a bad choice. The blend especially gives your car something the conventional does not, better fuel economy, meaning more miles to your gallon. Plus the blend has greater resistance to outside temperatures, meaning it can still flow easily in below zero weather and doesn’t cause your car to overheat during those blistering summers.

Full Synthetic Oil

Now the most expensive option is actually, in many people’s opinion, the best option.

Giving you the same benefits of the blend oil, Synthetic oil actually takes those benefits and improves them to their highest quality. Giving the average car an extra few thousand miles in between oil changes. Not only that but modern manufacturers are now building and designing more cars specifically for synthetic oil.

Synthetic oil offers a longer life for your motor as well as keeping it clean. The true test of why synthetic is worth the investment is its fuel economy. If you are on the road most of your day, synthetic allows you more miles between oil changes. With conventional oil, the stalwart world traveler would be looking at an oil change every two weeks, but the synthetic cuts it down and saves money by giving more mileage and more time. As always though, be consistent with your oil changes.

If you’re looking for an oil change service in San Marcos, Luling, or Kerrville, TX, give the experts at Texas Express Lube a call today, or stop by during our business hours and we’ll be happy to get some fresh oil in your car!


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