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The Importance of Regular Oil Changes

“Change the oil in the car every 3000 miles” is the advice every driver gets pretty much from the second they first slide behind the wheel. Nowadays, the frequency might range between 3000 and 5000 depending on the type of car you drive and the type of oil you use, but even so, regular oil changes are a key component to good car care. However, when time or money are short, it’s easy to let oil changes slide and the question of why regular oil changes are important will arise. Keep reading to discover the importance of regular oil changes for your car.

The Role of Oil in a Car

To begin, you need to know what oil does in a car and why it breaks down and needs to be changed. The role of motor oil in a car is to lubricate the moving parts. Without oil, the parts would rub against each other, creating unacceptable levels of friction and heat. This leads to wear and tear on the engine, which can dramatically shorten the life of your car. However, motor oil is not designed to last forever and the oil itself will break down, which will cause its own problems with reduced lubrication allowing for the aforementioned friction and heat.

The Different Types Of Motor Oil: Which One is Best for Your Car?

In the past, there was only one type of motor oil and car owners were happy to use it. This has been motor oil made from petroleum products just like gasoline. There have been some innovations in the motor oil market with the advent of synthetic motor oil and synthetic motor oil blends. Both have a longer usable life than traditional motor oil, but they also have a higher price tag so it’s a trade-off in expenses. Pure synthetic motor oil carries the highest price tag, which gave many car owners sticker shock when they saw the price. Some car owners wanted an alternative and the invention of synthetic motor oil blends, a blend of traditional motor oil and synthetic motor oil, came on the market. The best motor oil depends on the make and model of the car so consult your owner’s manual or your mechanic for advice.

How Often Should You Get Your Car’s Oil Changed?

The range of 3000 to 5000 miles has been mentioned more than once in this article because this is the range of most of the cars currently on the road. However, the best schedule for your car will depend on the make and model of your car, the type of driving you do and the area of the country you live in. The owner’s manual is a good source for this information but your mechanic is also a good resource. The old adage used to be 3 months or 3000 miles, but over time with the varied amount that people drive, usage or mileage has become the new standard. Most oil change locations will issue a sticker with the odometer reading of your next recommended oil change to help you remember.

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